At a Glance

You are a beauty enthusiast and are here because beauty is FUN! When you were little, you were the queen of playing dress-up. As you grew up, you didn’t become married to just one beauty brand or concept. You married the art of self-expression and creativity through style.

People love how transformational your beauty is. They admire that you are comfortable going from 0-100 at any time. Because your beauty closet looks like a mini Sephora, you are often asked what the best beauty products are and how to use them. Beauty is your love language, yet like all great relationships, it takes effort to stay aligned.

Your Beauty Expression

Your beauty approach is all about SELF-EXPRESSION and how you are feeling in the moment. You love an authentic, simple look for the day, and you love a snatched look for when the occasion calls for it. You live for expressing yourself with your beauty and style. Yet when those human moments kick in, and you are not feeling great, you can get uninspired and sometimes feel stuck. Which can be frustrating, right?

Because your view of beauty is focused on what you can see, you may have never really taken the time to understand beauty from the inside out. You love the idea of wellness for beauty (and may know that you would benefit from it), but if it gets too serious you walk the other way. You don’t want to feel limited because you just want to live your best life.

3 Tips For Better Beauty Results:
Mindful Beauty Practices:

Because you love the way beauty makes you feel, take advantage of that and look at beauty as your mindfulness practice. Instead of looking at beauty as just self-expression and something you do to make your photos aesthetically pleasing, look at it as a way to reconnect with yourself. Set the mood with candles and music, allowing more peaceful energy to be experienced, and spend some quality time with yourself.

Because beauty isn’t just about crafting the body you desire. It’s about so much more than that. You’re developing a deeper relationship with your authentic self + sustaining self-love.

Nourish Your Beauty:

Play with beauty smoothies to help your skin glow from the inside out. This is a fun way to stay creative and nourish your beauty from a different perspective. Want to understand the method behind beauty smoothies? We go in-depth on recipes in my signature beauty coaching program, The Beauty FLOW Method.

Gua Sha:

Learn how to use your Gua Sha tool properly. This Traditional Chinese Medicine tool not only promotes skin clarity, firmness, and muscle tone, it is also a wonder for lymphatic drainage and circulation. This is how your body naturally detoxifies and rejuvenates. Drainage needs to be done manually with the help of a tool. This mindful ritual is a way to partake in a beauty practice that doesn’t involve you looking in the mirror, or focusing on results you can immediately see. Instead, you’ll get results you can feel. Check out this guide to gua sha and the gua sha stone that gets you the best results.

Beauty Strategy

You already have the skills to master your beauty from the outside in. What can fill in the gap for you is to learn how to have fun with beauty from the inside out. Learn how energy-shifting beauty rituals and cooking for beauty can be a good time. Beauty from the inside out doesn’t always have to be serious. It could be your most epic transformation yet.

If you are ready to finally add to your beauty game and incorporate a full-body beauty method, and learn how to keep beauty fun as you age, then you might be a good candidate for

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