No other part of your body is both public and deeply personal, all at once, like your skin. It is the fragile barrier between your external world and the depth of your inner world.

The emotional relationship with your skin and the language you use to talk about it mandates how you feel about it and yourself. 

Because beauty is visual, it can be easy to *think* that once you like what you see in the mirror, you won't experience: appearance-based anxiety, shame, disconnection from self, and endless comparison

Manic-buying creams + treatments or focusing on your flaws won't make your skin better or heal faster because it's almost impossible to heal the skin you don't love. 

Beauty isn't just physical. Beauty is very much mental, emotional, and spiritual. Until these topics enter the conversation, current beauty practices are limited.

Imagine developing a deep relationship with the person looking back at you in the mirror and connecting to her with reverence + love.

The first step is to practice shifting your focus from outer appearance to inner alignment. This journey begins with tapping into the dimensions of mindfulness and spirituality.

The intersection of spirit and beauty emphasizes that humans are energy beings and that the frequency at which the body operates can be:

  • healing for the skin
  • igniting vibrancy
  • connecting you more to authenticity + intuition.

In other words: Your physical body is like a temple that houses your spirit + soul. If you pay more attention to the temple, it takes attention away from your spirit + soul, resulting in disconnection from your intuition. Confusion is a result of being disconnected from your intuition (i.e. appearance-based anxiety, shame, separation, etc.)

Here are some of the foundational tools used at Beauty Flow to strengthen your spirituality as a form of holistic skincare:


Meditation + Breathwork + Reiki: Various modalities in both practices show monumental benefits for both mind + skin [READ ABOUT THE MIND-SKIN CONNECTION]

Journaling: An effective tool to increase self-awareness, bypass defenses, and uncover new information. You’re able to release safely while organizing your thoughts for clearer thinking. 

Find Your "Why": Quickly shifting your attention back to spirit by connecting to something bigger than yourself, your purpose, or a greater meaning to make a positive impact in the world. 

Intentional Skincare: The act of doing less, but with more intention. Only using products that connect to you, and intentionally be in ceremony with your skin. 

Gua Sha + Facial Fitness: Mindful rituals that detoxify the skin, promote circulation, and don't require a mirror. When done slowly + intentionally, these practices can shift your energy to a higher frequency. 

Body Work: Care for the vessel that is the body. Whether it's escaping to a spa, sauna, acupuncture, a lymphatic drainage massage, or working out, being in your body facilitates a connection between the body + spirit.  

Language: The words you use to describe your body + skin hold a vibration that manifests in your physical reality. Learn to shift to a light-language that carries a higher frequency. 

Connecting to Spirit + Universal Energy: Connect to your version of loving source energy through books, tarot, plant medicine, prayer, star systems, chakras or readings.

Consider these practices of coming home to yourself and connecting back within so you can venture out to others from a more peaceful and whole place.

As a Beauty + Wellness Coach, the mission is to amplify the need for mental + spiritual health as part of the beauty conversation. And to remind you that nothing has been wrong with your body. There was only something wrong with where you were giving your attention.

Are you ready to explore spiritual beauty?