When we feel better, we do better.

There’s something special about a leader who understands the critical importance of well-being in the workplace. 

When we look and feel our best, we feel encouraged to show up authentically with an improved mindset and positive thought patterns. Support the productivity + progress of your organization by prioritizing your team’s well-being.


Choose from tailored wellness coaching plans for corporate teams of 5 to 500 employees, with both virtual and in-person sessions available



Bring the Beauty FLOW Method to your woman-centric organization. With customized frameworks, your team will discover the interconnectedness of beauty + wellness along with tactical tools for their day-to-day. 

1 to 12 Sessions, Including Original Guided Meditations

Corporate Training:

Executive Presence for Leadership + Service

Reserve this immersive training for executives on image, grooming skills, wellness, and executive presence. Through lessons and insights backed by neuroscience + holistic well-being, you’ll increase performance, productivity, and self-optimization. And don’t forget that ripple effect: When you experience this blend of internal + external growth, you’ll positively influence your employees and those impacted by your organization, too. 

One 60-Minute Training

“Not only does Sandy have the experience and the education, but she also meets each audience exactly where they are and how they need to hear the information so they act on it. She's also an incredibly physical performer on stage, which makes her highly entertaining to watch -- which is rare. Her audiences absorb life-altering information because she delivers it with flair.

She's the perfect speaker/trainer.

- Kathryn J.

Media Performance Consultant & Public Speaking Trainer 

Corporate Group:

Mindfulness FLOW

This group coaching session consists of a live meditation coupled  with a guided breathwork practice, allowing you to find your FLOW and get into your body. All sessions begin + end with a group discussion around mindfulness. Reiki can be provided during the meditation session upon request.

One Personalized 60-Minute Session

Corporate Group:

Beauty + Chill

Find grounding + nurture your inner world with a 25-minute face yoga or gua sha lesson, followed by a group meditation on self-connection. Reiki can be provided during the meditation session upon request. 

One Personalized 60-Minute Session