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Beauty seems nice but let’s face it, beauty is not your priority. You feel pressed to indulge in beauty and only do it when you feel like you have to. At your core, it’s not that you don't enjoy beauty, it’s just that you never learned the skills to feel confident in the beauty world. So why bother now?

As time goes on, you may be warming up to the skincare world because you know that it is one way to support your beauty journey. You are excited when someone else shows you a technique or product that helps you out, but you will never go out of your way to seek more information about beauty.

Your Beauty Approach

Your beauty approach is SIMPLICITY. Whether it’s for a special occasion or work, you keep it to the bare minimum. You will never go too far from what you are used to. You may even wish you could do a little more, but have no idea what to do or where to begin.

Even though beauty isn’t a priority, that doesn’t mean your wellness isn’t. Yet, you may be more of the giving type, which can mean that you don’t make time for yourself or learn how to support your wellness journey. When you boil it down, you simply want to learn how to take better care of yourself.

3 Tips For Better Beauty Results:
Morning Ritual:

Start your mornings by doing one thing that makes you feel good, whether it’s drinking your coffee while listening to your favorite music, taking a short walk, or spending five extra minutes in the shower. Taking care of yourself sets the tone for the day and helps you improve your appearance with a conscious beauty approach. This momentum may roll into other small acts during the day, which will brighten your face with your beautiful smile.

Beauty Foods:

Because you are such a giver, you tend to run on the most convenient options. Especially when it comes to food. Most convenient foods have tons of hidden sugars, beauty-busting oils, and processed ingredients. To balance out your beauty & health in a time crunch, aim for incorporating some whole-food fiber, greens, quality protein, and healthy fat into your snacks and meals. This combination will help you to feel satiated longer and keep your energy levels stable throughout the day. ADDED BONUS: you'll also get a variety of vitamins and nutrients that pump your skin with beauty-loving goodness.

Proper Skin Hydration:

Knowing that you don’t spend a lot of time on your beauty routine, this is the one thing you can do (daily) that will make a big difference: MOISTURIZE in the proper order. Most people don’t know that there is a scientific method to moisturizing the skin. First, start with damp skin, then add any serum or essence, next add your face cream, then eye cream, and end with any SPF or face oil. To receive the most out of your skincare apply products from thinnest to thickest. This will leave your skin glowing all day. For the night time you can use this skin cycling framework to help you out with a simple routine.

Beauty Strategy

What will help is to take it in baby steps. Once you become confident with one skill, then you can build on it from there. Keep in mind that the best beauty routine is the one that comes from an inside-out approach. So let the wellness rituals become the base of your beauty.

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