Many women I talk to want to feel: confident, desired, seen, happier in their skin, and have the ultimate feeling of being LOVED. 


These feelings are the deep seeded motivators of the endless search for the most optimal beauty & wellness routines. 


In the middle of that blend of who you are and who you think you should be, lives a version of you that can experience friction. The part of you who so badly wants to feel good about yourself that you seek treatments, workouts, green juices, and makeup to provide the validation of being seen.


I know because I have been there.


Beauty & wellness routines can get you compliments and validation. Yet, do they always leave you feeling like you are enough?

By now, you may have experienced that focusing solely on outer beauty has its limitations. 


The truth is skincare, makeup, and a healthy lifestyle will always be part of your beauty & wellness story. THEY MATTER. 




Beauty and confidence are not something that you can buy. It is something that you ARE, something that you embody. It's high-vibe energy that is magnetizing. 


Here are three common beliefs you may be holding onto that get in the way of cultivating a better relationship with yourself: 


3 Beliefs Blocking Your Beauty Flow | Mindset + Self-Connection | Sandy Thinnes


  • JUDGMENT: when you pass judgment onto others, you are giving yourself an example of how it feels when judged in your current or expanded form. Leading to feelings of insecurity and, by default, moving you away from the real you.

 3 Beliefs Blocking Your Beauty Flow | Mindset + Self-Connection | Sandy Thinnes


  • PERFECTION: thinking you "have to" act a certain way (that may not even be true) complicates the process and freezes your progress - if it can't be done perfectly, then why bother trying? This mindset often causes you to miss the mark because growth comes from simplicity and messy action.


3 Beliefs Blocking Your Beauty Flow | Mindset + Self-Connection


  • FEAR OF FAILURE:  fear will limit your desires as risk can increase opportunities. When you are afraid to fail, the expanded/definitive version of yourself runs in the opposite direction. If you always do what you've done, you will always get what you got. 

Without judgment, bring awareness to how you operate in these areas. 


The more you can unblock here, the easier it is to feel loved, confident, and happier in your skin. 


This is your invitation to practice seeing yourself. Because if you can't see yourself, how can you expect others to SEE YOU? [And BTW, you are at the point where you can outgrow the belief that seeing yourself is conceited.]


Beauty isn't just physical. Beauty is also psychological, emotional, and spiritual. 


I hold a vision that when you play in this beauty game, you know that you are worthy the second you enter the room.