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Sephora kids tween skincare and the good and bad of tween skincare

Navigating the Sephora Kids Craze: The Good and Bad of Tween Skincare

If you have been in a Sephora in the last six months, you may have seen a new crop of shoppers perusing the aisles. These shoppers are younger and shorter... Read More
Why you should stay committed to sunscreen in the Winter, Sandy Thinnes Beauty Flow- Beauty and Wellness Coach, Conscious Beauty, Holistic Beauty

A Winter Beaty Essential: Why You'll Never Go Without Sunscreen in the Winter Again

Don't push your SPF to the back of your medicine cabinet just yet! As the colder months settle in and the days get shorter, it's easy to think sun protection isn't... Read More
Skin Cycling: Is it a TikTok Trend or Strategic Skincare?  |  Sandy Thinnes Beauty Flow

Skin Cycling: A TikTok Trend, or Strategic Skincare?

Skin Cycling: A TikTok Trend, or Strategic Skincare?  We've all been there- in the skincare aisle, deep in overwhelm. The pressure to decide on a serum feels like a mini grenade... Read More
Meditation as a Foundational Beauty Tool

Meditation as a Foundational Beauty Tool

Have you heard this saying? "You can't control your experiences, but YOU CAN control how you experience your experiences."  When you think about it, those words can be transformational.  May... Read More