At a Glance

You are a beauty who is avid about seeking solutions to looking like the ideal version of yourself. You may have devoted a hefty amount of time doing all of the research on products & treatments, watching tons of tutorials, and trying out many methods to achieve your ideal beauty results.

People may often compliment your skin or tell you how amazing your makeup looks because you have learned a lot of beauty industry secrets. You often look to experts, influencers, and celebrities for beauty inspiration, and aspire to embody that image. Because you are focused on what you can see, it can sometimes lead to you getting hard on yourself if your esthetics are not as perfect as how you want them to be.

Your Beauty Approach

Your beauty approach is PICTURE READY. Your ultimate beauty goal is to have glowing skin (with absolutely no texture), manicured brows, thick long lashes, pouty lips, makeup that only accentuates the best parts of you, and you want to do it with minimal effort.

One thing is for sure, you are a self-proclaimed perfectionist and love to have control of your beauty results. You may even be known to lack patience when your results don't come fast enough.

Because it’s gaining popularity, you LOVE the idea of wellness to improve your beauty. You are down for Self-care Sunday along with eating and drinking your veggies. However, because you want results you can immediately see, wellness is not your first choice to become your ideal beauty. If it’s not going to be done perfectly, you tend to avoid doing it.

3 Tips For Better Beauty Results:
Beauty Awareness:

Bring awareness to where your beauty ideals are coming from. Are you doing something because it feels good, or because you want to fix something you don’t like? This is an important distinction which we dissect in my signature beauty and wellness coaching program The Beauty FLOW Method. Instead of approaching your beauty like a “Perfection Project”, reframe it as a Growth Goal. There is expansiveness in growth, a far more beneficial method to get you closer to truly FEELING beautiful.

Beauty Adaptogens:

Beauty Idealists tend to experience some unrest from trying to present their best selves. This feeling often leads to an imbalance in the gut and nervous system. These imbalances are the #1 cause of unfavorable skin reactions. Try adaptogenic foods and teas to balance your overall body and ease physical, emotional, and mental stress. Some of the best beauty adaptogens to look for are ashwagandha, turmeric, reishi mushrooms, and moringa. The Beauty FLOW Method delves deeper into the gut-brain-skin axis and the importance of holistic health & beautiful skin.

Dry Brushing Ritual:

The best way to practice getting out the mind is to tap into the body. One of my favorite ways is to introduce a dry brushing ritual a few mornings a week. Dry Brushing helps with lymphatic drainage, circulation, and energizes the body. This mindful ritual is a way to partake in a beauty practice that doesn’t involve you looking in the mirror or results you can see. You will get results you can feel. You’ll not only get sustainable beauty benefits, but you will also be practicing patience.

Beauty Strategy

You already have the skills to rock your beauty from the outside in. What can fill in the gap for you is to learn how beauty is a full-body system that becomes more vibrant when you activate it from the inside-out. When you understand the science behind how balancing emotionally, chemically, & physically, as well as loosening the grip on perfection can upgrade your beauty game, you'll see how much easier it is to become your ideal beauty.

If you are ready to ACTIVATE your inner beauty, stop obsessing over every flaw you see in the mirror, get chronically clear skin, and look better as you age, then you may be a great candidate for

If you are ready to ACTIVATE your inner beauty, stop obsessing over every flaw you see in the mirror, get chronically clear skin, and look better as you age, then you may be a great candidate for

Because beauty isn’t just about crafting the body you desire. It’s about so much more than that. You’re developing a deeper relationship with your authentic self + sustaining self-love.

Are you ready to align your inner & outer beauty?
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